Brevitas is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations made to it are tax-deductible. With your help, Brevitas can continue to fulfill its mission of providing beautiful and uplifting performances and recordings. For more information on donating to Brevitas, please contact us at


Brevitas is funded in part by:

Brevitas would like to thank the following donors for their extraordinary generosity:

Up to $99

David Adams
George and Christina Bailey
Julie Barker
Krista Lee Bement
Logan Bradford
Allen Buskirk
Mary Beth and Nolan Cheney
Pamela Dozier
Cory Cozzens
Ron Deaven
Sally Dunlop
Larry Dunning
Eric Ferrin
Jane Fjeldsted
Jairo Gil
Russell Hancock
Preethi Bettadapur Harbuck
Spencer James Harris
Patricia Hodge
Heidi James
Rebecca Warthen
Yewon Lee
Karsten Longhurst
Rachel Mc Allister
Beth McClellan
Andrew Maxfield
Hannah Johnson McLaughlin
Jacob Meldrum
Dylan Moore
Erma Nielsen
Chris and Kristina Nielsen
Dr. Peter and Barbru Nielsen
Paul and Connie Nielsen
Thom and Bonnie Nielson
Clifton Orme
Rachel McAllister
Dr. Tram Sparks
Thomas Stanfill
Gary Stradling
Daniel Temkin
Darice Woodword

In kind donations

All Saints Episcopal Church
Daynes Music
St. Ambrose Catholic Church



$10,000 - $19,999

The National Endowment for the Arts

$1,000 - $9,999

Julia and David Bird
Larry Maxfield
Matthew D. Nielsen
Sandefur Schmidt
Salt Lake Zoos, Arts, and Parks
V Chocolates

$500 - $999

Jane Fjeldsted
Spencer and Carolyn Nielsen


Helan Lin
Michael Nielsen
Timothy Nielsen
Carol Probst
Greg and Patsy Reese
Kelley and Karen Thueson

$100 - $249

Anonymous x4
Jean Applonie
Udell Blackham
Tricia and Mark Hoffman
David and Pamela Kitchen
Dr. Morten Lauridsen
Donna Lyon
Andrew Maxfield
Beth McClellen
David and Karly Nielsen
Janet Nyholm
Amy Osmun
Kelly Roth
Sharon Tung Spencer
Kristine Udy
Don and Marilyn Vickers
Athelia Woolley


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